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Cybercrime, data protection breaches, computer misuse, cyber security, copyright infringement, trolling, breaches of intellectual property, fraud and defamation are online threats for every business. By acknowledging the risks and thinking ahead you will restrict and combat any danger to your business.

Walker Thomas Solicitors helps you, and your business, remain compliant with Laws and Regulations as well as safeguarding your brand image by assisting your business review current practices, implement procedures/policy, train staff and assist if anything goes wrong.

Our specialist Lawyers provide pragmatic advice on, and drafts, legal jargon-free polices to place on your website, social media posts and blogs.

By instructing our team of solicitors we can undertake a review of your current cyber security and thereafter devise clear policies and procedures that best suit your business. Walker Thomas Solicitors will identify where you are exposing yourself to risk – be it online, your work place or your personnel.

Our Cybercrime solicitors will advise you on additional safety measures you need to implement to combat fraudsters and ensure you comply with your regulatory duties.

Our Service

  • Ensure that all staff are made aware of the risks and are trained on, and understand, the businesses policies and safeguards.
  • recommend and draft your security policy ensuring the inclusion of the use of technology for remote working purposes and the risks posed by un-encrypted devices, USB sticks and use of personal phones, computers and tablets.
  • Run periodic internet searches against the name of the business and its partners to ensure that fraudsters have not set up a website purporting to be that of your firm.
  • Train staff if they are approached by scammers or if they have left documents, laptops or USB sticks containing sensitive information in a public place.
  • Regularly review all preventative measures so that they reflect current best practice, are applied consistently across the business, and are effective.
  • Put in place a simple crisis-management process, specifying who will take what action in the event of a successful scam.

Our Cyber Team of solicitors have been instructed to undertake the following:

  • Online and IT security reviews
  • Website Terms of Use
  • Cookie Polices
  • Privacy Polices
  • Cyber Training
  • Data Protection
  • Security Procedures
  • Reporting Policies
  • Crisis Management Process
  • Review/draft Staff Handbooks (including polices - Bring Your Own Device, Data Protection, Internet, email communication, social media)

Our Fees

We work with you to ensure that our fees are clear, transparent and affordable.

We will explore funding options with you depending on your work type.

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