Civil Litigation Solicitors

Civil litigation encompasses, not just the representations made in Court, but also the pre-trial procedures.

What is Civil Litigation?

Civil litigation is the process that allows individuals, businesses and other entities to use the courts to settle disputes. Unlike criminal cases in which the government prosecutes someone for breaking the law with the penalty being imprisonment or fines, civil litigation cases are private disputes in which the parties are usually seeking a money judgment or some other remedy from a judge.

When is the right time to litigate?

When you have identified a contract has failed to perform it obligation under the terms of the contact you should contact a solicitors to obtain early advice on how to proceed.

Most contacts have a limitation period of 6 years. However, Walker Thomas Solicitors always advise clients to engage early with the other side/party.

Why instruct Walker Thomas Solicitors?

Walker Thomas Solicitors will assess your case and from the outset will advise you on the likely cost of litigating and the risks you will be exposing yourself to when into court. We allow you to make fully informed decisions based on clear advice.

You will have access to Solicitors and paralegals with the following credentials -

  • Knowledge of substantive and procedural law
  • Strong written and oral advocacy skills
  • Analytical and logical reasoning abilities
  • Ability to synthesise complex legal and factual materials
  • Knowledge of legal research techniques
  • Superior Client Care skills
  • Excellent Negotiation skills

Our Fees 

We work with you to ensure that our fees are clear, transparent and affordable. We will explore funding option with you depending on your work type.

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We provide precise, resilient and affordable legal advice and assistance.

Get In Touch

We provide precise, resilient and affordable legal advice and assistance.

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