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How we can help you as an employee …..Are you staring a new job and need a solicitor to review your contract? It can be easy to get excited about your new role and simply disregard your obligations post termination. But don’t ignore them! If things do not work out and you decide the leave your employment, you may find that you have restrictions in place that prevent you for working in specific sectors and locations for duration of time. Walker Thomas Solicitors are here to advise and assist negotiate any restrictive covenants your new employer is attempting to place in our contract.

Once you are in employment we provide advice and representation to employees needing guidance or assistance for internal proceedings, or looking to bring action in a Court or Employment Tribunal.

If your employer has invited you to attend disciplinary or performance related proceedings they must comply with the ACAS Code of Practice by:

  • Setting out the allegations against you in writing
  • Carry out an investigation and provide you with the opportunity to reply
  • If disciplinary proceeding is to follow, you musty be notified of a hearing date

Our Disciplinary Proceedings Solicitors can assist you prior to dismissal by advising you on how to respond to any allegations and if necessary we can draft your appeal against any disciplinary proceeding outcome. We can further advise you of any action you can take against you employer following dismissal. This may result in lodging ACAS Early Consolidation proceedings, an Employment Tribunal or Court Claim.

Perhaps something has arisen at work that you are unhappy about and wish to raise a grievance with your employer. Common grievances raised by employees include terms of employment, harassment, discrimination or pay and working conditions. Walker Thomas Solicitors pride themselves on taking the stress out of the process by providing straight forward, easily understood advice.

Redundancy can be a very daunting time for individuals. Walker Thomas Solicitor are on hand to provide you with the advice and guidance through the process ensuring your employer is treating you fairly and you receive the best possible resolution in the termination of your employment. If you are selected for redundancy we can advise you on any proposed settlement agreement issued by your employer exploring any statutory payment you should receive and any restrictions your employer may impose following the termination of your employment. We do not even change you for advice on settlement agreements - we invoice your employer.

How we can help you as an Employer/Business

Walker Thomas Solicitors appreciate that dealing with staff and keeping fully up-to-date on the ever so rapid changes in the law can be very daunting. We keep all our clients up to speed with the changes that could affect them.

Our Expert Employment Law Solicitors can provide you with standardised or bespoke employment documents and advise you on your obligations as an employer. We are readily available to assist if any staff or employment problems should arise.

Despite your level of knowledge, requirements and experience Walker Thomas Solicitors ensure that the all the advice we provide is appropriate and easily comprehensible by all our clients.

Services Provided by Our Employment Law Specialists

Bespoke and standardised Employment Contracts– Do not allow your business to be damaged by former employees stealing client database or poaching key staff. Inadequate drafting of employment contracts lead to risk.

Dismissal & Grievances – we can draft procedures you should have in place and help guide you through the investigation stage right through to the dismissal of staff. Getting the right advance at this stage can prevent employees or ex-employees brining employment tribunal cases in the future.

Redundancy & Settlement Agreements – If your business is making staff redundant and you want to ensure you are following the correct process required by law, we are here to help. A Settlement Agreement, previously known as a Compromise Agreement, is an Agreement whereby two parities (an employee and an employer) agree on the terms of settling a potential employment tribunal claim (or other Court Proceedings). They are also offered by an employer to an employee on termination of employment thus offering the employer the reassurance that following the employee’s departure, the employee with not take any action against the employer.

Court and Employment Tribunals – Get the best advice and representation on those matters where legal action cannot be avoided.

Updates on Employment Law – understand your Employer Rights and well as your obligation to your staff. We can devise handbooks, guides, policies and that best suit your business and staffing needs thus preventing you falling foul to Regulatory and Statutory laws.

Excellent Policy Drafting

Why not hand over the painstakingly time-consuming task of drafting a staff handbook to our Employment Lawyers? We will protect your business from future legal risks by formulating policies and procedure, and we can even train your staff.

Examples of our policy drafting your business should have in place –

  • Recruitment and selection process
  • Equal opportunities policy
  • Harassment and bullying
  • Discipline and grievance procedures including gross misconduct list
  • Health and Safety
  • Data protection
  • Induction Claiming expenses
  • Flexible working
  • Bereavement leave
  • Career breaks
  • Risk management
  • Pay and pensions information including the treatment of deductions from pay
  • Capability and performance policy
  • Performance appraisal
  • Redundancy
  • Whistle-blowing
  • Sickness absence including pay rates, reporting arrangements, monitoring absence, dealing with short/long term absence
  • Annual leave including public holidays, carrying forward leave, requesting holiday, pro rata entitlement for part-time staff
  • Rules regarding other types of absence including unauthorised absence
  • Family policies - maternity, paternity, adoption, parental, dependent’s leave
  • Statutory rules on retirement
  • Statutory flexible working arrangements
  • Diversity policy
  • Compassionate leave rules
  • Email and internet use including the use of social networking sites and blogs, mobile phones

Implementing procedures and polices within a workplace ensures your staff understand their role in the business and the manner in which they must conduct themselves, be it in, or out, of the office or online.

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We will explore funding option with you depending on your work type.

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We provide precise, resilient and affordable legal advice and assistance.


“Nicola drafted some excellent employment contracts that we've used with hundreds of new staff. They're resilient and offer excellent protection, whilst being fair to each employee. She spent time explaining the effect of each clause so we clearly understood the effect and she made some practical suggestions to the business, particularly the handling of staff and social media usage, which have proven most beneficial.” Joanne Tomlinson, Director/Business Owner

"I sought Nicola’s advice on a small legal matter and I found her guidance invaluable. Although the advice provided was not what I have preferred to have heard, it is exactly what was needed to resolve my concern and Nicola delivered it in a very professional and candid manner, saving the need for any additional time or money being spent on the issue." Mr Besta

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We provide precise, resilient and affordable legal advice and assistance.

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